Creative digital studio, based in Istanbul and working worldwide. Our focus is interior design, as well as 3D visualization.


We truly believe that home reflects your personality. It defines who you are and who you will become. Home should be a place that inspires you endlessly, and at the same time it should be calm, but entertaining, peaceful, but refreshing.

We use this blog to share our work, offer tips and recommendations and highlight some of the world’s most beautiful homes, interiors, and designer products. Our aim is to help people make their living space more beautiful, comfortable, and organized.


Creating an interior that is personalized to the client’s taste, fits the client’s lifestyle, and provides a functional purpose.

Olga Dolen interior design

M E E T   T H E   T E A M

olga dolen, about us, interior design and 3d visualization

Interior designer

Education in visual arts and several years of experience in design field has helped to develop Olga’s keen eye for color, textiles, and interior planning.

While she enjoys working in diverse styles, her personal preference are interiors, that are spare and simple, yet elegant and sophisticated, minimalist while still being inviting. Olga loves natural materials, muted colors, and bright interiors.

She believes the place where you live should not be only comfortable and functional, but also appealing to your eyes and mind.


Editorial Director

Korana was born and raised in Sisak, Croatia. After finishing her studies in Zagreb, Croatia, she has settled down in Istanbul for professional and private reasons. She finds this multicultural city extremely fascinating and inspiring. As a passionate history and book reader, Korana enjoys exploring colorful dimensions of each city and its art.

Having several years’ experience in marketing, she is managing and organising the blog and assisting in design projects.

korana , about us, interior design and 3d visualization

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