White Ranunculus and Eucalyptus Bouquet, home decor, chrome candle holders, kinfolk
White Ranunculus and Eucalyptus Bouquet, home decor, chrome candle holders, kinfolk
White Ranunculus and Eucalyptus Bouquet, home decor, kinfolk
White Ranunculus and Eucalyptus Bouquet, home decor, kinfolk
home decor, chrome candle holders, kinfolk


I think it won’t be a big surprise to say, the New Year and the Christmas were  my favorite holidays in my childhood. We had such a lovely tradition that made the holidays so memorable and we spent a quality time with our family.

I couldn’t wait to put the Christmas tree up in our living room. It was so much fun to decorate and put lights on it. Every year we bought some new Christmas ornaments to add to our collection, which wasn’t growing much cuz some ornaments were broken by our cat ).

We baked with mom my favorite layered honey cake, which takes so much time but believe me it worth it. Finally, I brought this tradition back and we baked this cake with my husband last year and planning to do it this year as well for New Year Eve table.

When I was a child, l believed in Santa Claus and every year l wrote him letters. One of my fondest memories is that I even asked mom to make a bed for me next to the Christmas tree. I was hoping to see Santa when he would come to put a present at night. And ofc I fell asleep before he came ))) so I couldn’t see him, but my presents were waiting for me under the tree when I woke up. )

Due to some family issue this year I couldn’t bring most of those traditions to life but I promised myself that the next Christmas and New Year will be exactly like from my childhood, it will smell and look like Christmas in every corner of our home. )


There is something special about Christmas. Even you don’t celebrate it, you can’t escape from its magic.

During the Christmas holidays I usually go to Croatia. The city of Zagreb is beautifully decorated at this time of year. All those Christmas trees, twinkling lights all over the city looks so glamorous and divine. Did you know that Zagreb was voted the best Christmas market in Europe last two years?

It’s perfect place to go shopping with mom and brother. You can easily find the unique gifts for the loved ones, from the handmade art decorations and souvenirs to jewellery and toys. And don’t forget the food…traditional Croatian dishes, mulled wine and juicy sausages are way to delicious to resist it.

Zagreb offers a rich music program (classic music, jazz, pop and rock, famous DJ’s ), events and entertainment for children. You can easily find my husband and friends smiling and chatting at one of wooden stalls. Sometimes it can be very cold, but we just love being part of this fabulous story.

Just 10 minutes away, there is a Zrinjevac park. It’s very romantic spot with pavilions all dressed up in sparkling lights.

If you like skating while listening music and enjoying having a spectacular view of Art Gallery, outdoor Ice Park is a perfect place for you. I love spending time there with my little cousins. All of those moments, smells and images fill my hear with childish joy and pleasure.

My city turns into snow queen and I wish this fairytale last forever.


We wish you a fabulous 2018, full of great experiences and achievements. May this new year bring in the happiest and most memorable moments. Happy New Year and let the holidays begin.

With love,

Olga and Korana


PHOTOS by Olga Dolen

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