Hey! Today we are excited to share with you the final design concept for the master bedroom of ”Kasaba” project, which I intro’ed here so if you need to refresh your memory check it out.

The main goal with this bedroom was to create a simple, clear and clutter-free space that feels peaceful and calming, warm and inviting.



So, here is the final bedroom design plan welcomed by the clients.

They liked an idea to separate the room to create a small walk-in closet in the left part of the bedroom  that would provide ample and neatly ordered storage. And the rest part of the room was enough to place a bed and arrange a reading corner.


There aren’t a lot of furniture in the bedroom, but each object is chosen carefully. The textures and soft neutral colours of the curtains and rug beautifully compliment the warm hues of wood. Along with the crisp white bedding and clean lines of the bedhead give a feeling of serenity.


  • The clients wanted to keep walls just painted off-white color.


  •  As I tried to avoid mixing too many wood finishes in such a limited space I chose the matching wood tones for bedframe (White Oak) and bedside tables (Natural Oak) that also works well with the darker tone of the floor.



  • To break the ”total wood look” up  and provide softness underfoot we put under the bed this richly textured wool rug.


  • We freed up some surface space by hanging a plug-in sconces instead of  table lamps. The black arms in the lighting echoes the black details in the print above the bed, so it works so good together.


  • Limited color choice makes a room feel serene and less chaotic.

  • Another well-chosen detail: the cream linen curtains. I like keeping them extra long and let them freely puddle at the floor.


  • Reading corner next to the window is ensuring enough natural light for reading by day and I chose this adjustable floor lamp for nighttime perusing.


  • Brass accents absolutely go together with wood furniture, without disturbing visual perception.




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